5 Ways to make your junk hauling or junk removal affordable and help save our environment

We all have tons of junk that is cluttering up our basements, attics, garages, but what do we do with it? We put our trash and junk on the curb for our garbage man to pick up.

However sometimes the local garbage man will always not take the large amount of trash you have. So you call a junk removal & dumpster rental company like Mid Ohio Dumpsters to either remove your junk out of your house and haul it away to the landfill or the DIY crowds call MOD for a trash dumpster rental and the customer fills up the dumpster. Then MOD takes the dumpster to the landfill in Columbus Ohio!

The amount of waste that goes in our landfills would blow your mind if you visited the dump. While not everyone has jumped on the green recycling bandwagon, MOD would suggest you see if your local landfill offers tours such as the landfill we use in Columbus Ohio. Then you can see the huge amount of waste that goes on daily basis just in the Columbus metropolitan area.

Mid Ohio Dumpsters has a few suggestions that will help you save money when planning a junk removal project or dumpster rental. These suggestions can help lessen the impact on our environment, and even sometimes give back to our Columbus, Ohio communities.


  • Scrap your metals, electronics, appliances. You can even make money going to the local scrap yards in Columbus Ohio. While your not going to get rich going to the scrap yard, you may be able to buy lunch for a helper.  If you rented a trash dumpster you could also save spaceTrash Columbus Ohio in a basement and order a smaller dumpster size thus making your junk removal project more affordable ! If you have any questions on how the scrap yards work just call Mid Ohio Dumpsters today 614-721-7777 and we’ll give you some pointers.
  • Donate your items to non-profit charities. We have so many non-profits in the Columbus Ohio area to call. These charities always are in need of items that you may consider junk. Again please call MOD if you need any local suggestions in the Central Ohio area.
  • Sell your items! Sell them on Facebook, Craigslist, Letgo, Nextdoor or a good old fashion yard sell. You can save so much room in a dumpster and make some extra money during your junk removal clean out.
  • Up-Cycle! Take your trash and turn into something cool! Utilize the items by giving it a new paint job, make it artwork, or just plain old re-purposing of you stuff.
  • Give it away!  Free to your friends and family, list it for free on all the social apps.



Feel free to call MOD at 614-721-7777 if you have any questions on how to recycle, donate, or how to have your junk removed.

Damian Kauser5 Ways to make your junk hauling or junk removal affordable and help save our environment