1. Call for current pricing on concrete, asphalt, or dirt. The dumpster can only be filled a 1/3 full due to weight

limitations when filling with concrete, asphalt, or dirt. We do not accept contaminated soil.

2. All regular loads are to be filled no more than to the top of the dumpster, so we can tarp the load. A $55 per ton

fee will be added after a 3 ton limit. Cannot over fill dumpster [subject to $100 handling fee/ or removal of items

from dumpster.]

3. When requested, we will move a partially filled dumpster to a different location on the same property for a fee of

$100 per move.

4. A charge of $100 will be assessed if the dumpster is blocked or not accessible when the pickup or drop off of the

dumpster is attempted on the agreed date.

5. M.O.D. driver will attempt to place dumpster as specified by client. The size and weight, particularly when filled

may possibly cause damage to premises [i.e. lawn, driveway, etc.] The undersigned agrees to indemnify and hold

harmless the driver of this truck and M.O.D. for any and damages to premises which may be claimed by anyone to

have arisen out of delivery of this order.

6. Lessee is responsible for loss, theft, or damage to the dumpster while in use during the rental period.

7. Lessee is responsible for obtaining city permit and or other required items when dumpster is placed on the street.

8. No Hazardous waste material [paint, oil, chemicals] or refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners allowed. If any

Hazard material, liquids, refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners  end up in the dumpster you will be charged: Disposal cleanup fees, EPA Environmental Fines, plus M.O.D. disposal/handling service fee of $150.

Materials not accepted or call

⋅ Infectious/pathological or biological waste.

⋅ Chemotherapeutic waste

⋅ Radioactive materials

⋅ Hazardous waste

⋅ Explosive and ordnance materials

⋅ Drums, barrels, buckets and other containers unless lids have been removed and interiors are cleaned and free of


⋅ Liquid waste, including motor oil and water-based paint *

⋅ Asbestos

⋅ Yard waste (leaves, grass, shrubs, trees) Call M.O.D for disposal special terms are required.

⋅ Whole or shredded tires. Call M.O.D for disposal special terms are required.

⋅ Lead acid batteries

⋅ Motor vehicles and major motor vehicle parts such as transmissions, rear ends, frames, springs and fenders, agricultural

and farm machinery and equipment, marine vessels and major parts thereof, and any other types of large equipment or


⋅ Gas cylinders, unless empty and delivered separate from other solid waste. Call M.O.D for disposal special terms are


⋅ Petroleum contaminated soils

⋅ TVs, Computers and Other Electronic Waste – For more information where you can take these items call M.O.D.

* Water-based paints must be dried out before being disposed in the landfill




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